About Sabina!

Focal Length:9.7mm

I’m a professional photography in an age when everyone takes photos and gives them away for free. Its made it harder, but then I’m always up for a challenge. I’ve been supporting myself with my camera for over 15 years since I got out of Temple University.

I cut my teeth at the AP so ethics and strong content were my hallmarks. Now with journalism teetering on a cliff I shoot for the New York Times and a few other big dailys but earn my living with top commerical and corporate clients that are looking for strong content and vison. You can see more of my work at Sabinashoots
and can reach me at 215.432.3039 or Sabinashoots@gmail.com

Best of American Society Of  Media  Photographers & Best of Time Magazine’s


2 comments on “About Sabina!”

  1. Sabina,

    Now I will have to check out your Blog. Pretty cool credentials!

    My wife used to work at the Inquirer, a copy editor. I was a reporter before going to law school and working at the PDs office, not too far from where your picture with maddie was shot at Broad and Walnut sts (1441 Sansom St., thank you).

    I had worked with a photographer, Tom Kelly, who did win a Pulitzer Prize for “spot news” a way back when. He had the same dedication you had.

    You know, I think you photographers are a breed apart — you are truly artists and have a way of depicting many slices of life to raise spirits and inspire action by the rest of us on-lookers.

    But when are you going to learn to meditate?
    Michael J

  2. Thanks! Its hard to meditate when you eye is looking for the next photo that makes your heart sing

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